Horace’s Fellowship Experience

My wife and my 1-year-old son spent the year in Sydney and had a wonderful time.  Everyone we encountered was very welcoming.  Despite being in the midst of the pandemic we felt safe and supported.  Sydney and NSW have so much to offer in terms of culture and nature.  I also had the unforgettable experience of taking a helicopter tour of Sydney with Dr. Patel and Dr. Jufas.  Looking back the SEES fellowship has been a very positive experience for me both professionally and personally.

The SEES fellowship’s primary focus is to develop the knowledge and skills to perform otologic surgeries using the endoscopic approach.  The lion’s share of the work involves chronic ear surgeries and hearing-restoration procedures. The fellow is also exposed to cochlear implant and acoustic neuroma surgeries.  The case number ranges between 30 to 40 a month.  There are teaching opportunities working with ENT registrars in both clinical and surgical settings.  Remuneration is through assistance fees in surgical procedures.  The fellow works at multiple hospitals (Royal North Shore Hospital, North Shore Private Hospital, Macquarie University Hospital, Northern Beaches Hospital, Mater Hospital) in North Sydney commutable by public transit.  There are no on-call duties.  Ample research opportunities primarily involving surgical outcomes of endoscopic ear surgery are available.  Research support is available through affiliated academic institutions.

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