SEES About Us

The Sydney Endoscopic Ear Surgery Research Group is dedicated to research, teaching and advancing the technique of Endoscopic Ear Surgery to Otolaryngologists and trainees through online learning and Fellowship opportunities.

The group is a not for profit organisation and our website has no industry affiliation. We seek to provide online learning through literature aggregation, online videos and a blog site restricted to emerging field of Endoscopic Ear Surgery. All of the group are active elected members in the International Working Group of Endoscopic Ear Surgery (IWGEES).


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Founding Members

  • Dr Nirmal Patel

    Dr Nirmal Patel

    Nirmal is an Otology Neurotology specialist practicising in Sydney, Australia for 10 years; he has been actively performing Endoscopic Ear Surgery since 2012. He has been invited to teach at several Endoscopic Ear Courses around the world and was an invited speaker and panel chairperson at the 1st World Congress in Endoscopic Ear surgery, Dubai 2015.

  • Dr Jonathan Kong

    Dr Jonathan Kong

    Jonathan is an Otologist & Skull Base Surgeon in Sydney, Australia and actively utilises Endoscopic Ear Surgery as part of his otology practice. An active teacher of surgery to students and trainees at The University of Sydney and its hospitals, he has been invited to speak at numerous Courses and Conferences, including the inaugural 1st World Congress in Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Dubai 2015. He runs the Otology Education Program at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and has particular interests in cochlear implantation, cholesteatoma surgery, and stapedectomy.

  • Dr Alexander Saxby

    Dr Alexander Saxby

    Dr. Alexander Saxby graduated from Cambridge University Medical School (1st Hons.) then moved to Australia in 2002 & completed his surgical training in Sydney becoming an ENT Specialist in 2011. In 2014, Dr. Alexander Saxby was clinical director of the first course to be held in Australia, training surgeons on the technique of Endoscopic Ear Surgery.
    He is an Otology, Neurotology & Skull Base Surgeon at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

  • Dr Nicholas Jufas

    Dr Nicholas Jufas

    Nicholas is a ENT surgeon specialising in Otology and Neurotology. He has completed an Australian Fellowship in Endoscopic Ear Surgery and International Observerships in Dubai and Italy with surgeons who pioneered the approach globally. He has lectured on Endoscopic Ear Surgery at conferences and workshops in Australia. He is also leading numerous international research projects to widen the application of the technique.