Equipment and Setup

A basic endoscopic ear surgery setup for simple myringotomy, middle ear ventilation tube and myringoplasty surgery, can be achieved with standard 4mm rigid sinuscopes (available in most hospitals) and a basic otology tray.  Once the surgeon is comfortable with the concept, to progress dedicated equipment is suggested:

Endoscopic Ear Surgery Trays

Storz (international Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery IWGEES Set.

To email the Australian distributor click here.

Panetti (Variable Suction Endoscopic Ear Surgery Set). The local Australian distributor is Coremed.

To email the local representative click here.

Endoscopic Ear Scopes

3mm working diameter is the suggested diameter with a 14 to 18cm length.  Storz and Spiggle & Theiss (Coremed local Distributor) both make these scopes.

Camera/Image capture Systems
Light Sources and Cables

Various companies make Halogen, Xenon and LED light sources.  The cooler Xenon and LED lights are recommended.

Viewing Screens

High definition or Ultra High Definition monitors are suggested to fully translate the HD camera image.

Endoscopic Ear Canal Preparation

Due to the surgical imagery contained in this video, you are required to head over to YouTube, login as proof that you are over 18 years old and then view.

Articles of Interest

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