Sydney Endoscopic Ear Surgery Research Group 6th Course

About this course

This is a fresh cadaver dissection course designed to introduce the practising otolaryngologist and senior trainee to the fundamentals of EES. The course dissection is based on the SEES online dissection modules and guide. There will be structured 8 step dissection, EES operation principles, getting started with EES and live surgery.  Each Dissector will progress through 2 fresh cadaver endoscopic ear and lateral skull base dissections.  The course has a 20 Dissector limit.

The course includes:

  • 2 endoscope approaches to the ear & lateral skull base.
  • Reknown international guest demonstrators and speakers
  • Live Surgery
  • SEES Dissection guide manual, SEES Endoscopic Tips manual
  • Full catering throughout the day
  • Course dinner

This educational activity has been approved in the RACS CPD Program. Fellows who participate can claim one point per hour in Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills up to 17 points.

Participation in this activity will be populated into your RACS CPD Online.

International Speakers

Professor Daniele Marchioni

Daniele is a leading innovator in otologic and lateral skull base surgery.  An  Endoscopic Ear Surgeon from Verona, Italy and an original IWGEES Board Member, he along with Professor Livio Presutti have written the only definitive text book on the field and he will publish an endoscopic Lateral skull base book by mid 2019 through Thieme publishers.  He has redefined and classified a lot of the endoscopic anatomical nomenclature that is used as standard throughout the world. His lectures, surgery and particularly elegant demonstrations are sought after around the world.

Professor Adrian James

One of North America’s first endoscopic ear surgeons from the University of Toronto, Canada.  He is a paediatric otolaryngologist and a very deliberate and critical thinker.  Adrian has made enormous contributions to the endoscopic field particularly in outcomes research and the use of laser in endoscopic ear surgery.  He is a dynamic speaker and teacher.



Dr Arun Iyer

Is one of the UK’s first endoscopic ear surgeons from the University of Glasgow.  He ran the first course in Scotland and regularly teaches at the British Endoscopic Ear course.  Arun is a critical thinker and has made significant contributions to the field in particular with our understanding of imaging in EES and outcomes research.



21st and 22nd September 2019


Kolling Building, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney Australia

Course Directors:

Clinical A/ Professor Nirmal Patel

Dr Nichoas Jufas

Local Faculty:

Clinical Associate Professor Jonathan Kong

Dr Alex Saxby


Dissector AUD$2500.00
Non Dissector AUD$1000.00

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